Get Your Snack On (Dad/John)

Mar. 17, 2013 @ 2:08 PM _


Happy, uh, smunday? Well, anyway, here is this. I feel like I should have done something that focused a little more on actual food, but icing is such a classic.

Warnings: incest, oral sex, foodplay, fantasizing, dubcon???, not really

“Cake, again?” John whined as he sat down at the table, looking at his after-school snack, a generous slice of three-layered carrot cake.

Mr. Egbert frowned a little, and John was quick to amend his statement, “I mean, not that I don’t like cake, um, this is fine! And, mm! Carruh- Cah!” he said, shoving a bite into his mouth. Mr. Egbert smiled and sat down at the table with a cup of coffee.

“How was school, son?” he asked, and John immediately launched into a muffled explanation of all the teenage minutiae of highschool life, his mouth still full of food. Mr. Egbert didn’t bother to correct his manners. He actually loved watching John eating the food he made, and seeing it inside his mouth was wonderful.

He watched John’s mouth talk around the food as he expounded upon everything that had happened that day, focusing on the glob of icing that had found its way to the corner of John’s mouth. Mr. Egbert certainly cared about his son, he couldn’t make himself so invested in the complicated network of adolescents in his life, and allowed himself to nod absently as he let his mind wander off into darker realms…

John coming home in the afternoon and entering the kitchen, finding his afternoon snack ready and waiting for him on the table. His eyes would light up in pleasure and he would drop his bag to rush over to his seat, no complaining or pretending to be pleased. He wouldn’t bother sitting properly, preferring to kneel on the chair and lay his hands on his father’s thighs.

He would look shyly at Mr. Egbert, batting his eyelashes and licking his lips. “Go ahead son, you’ve earned it,” Mr. Egbert would say, nodding serenely while his cock twitched in anticipation. John would give him one of those lovely, brilliant grins that always set his heart racing and lower his head.

He would start off tentatively, licking at the icing so Mr. Egbert could only feel the heat from his tongue rather than the actual wetness. As John slathered his tongue over his father’s dick, the cream cheese icing would become thin and shiny. John would hum and smack his lips as they got messy and white. Mr. Egbert would comb his fingers through his son’s hair, and gently press down, encouraging him to keep going.

Finally John would open his mouth, take the throbbing length into his mouth, moaning at the heat and sweetness. He would struggle to get the entire girth inside, but he was such a dutiful boy and he would keep trying until the frosting covered head was completely engulfed. Mr. Egbert would groan as John sucked the remainder of the sugary coating off, stroking his scalp lovingly.

He loved his son so much, he was so proud of him, and would tell him so as his son looked up at him while lathing his tongue up and down the shaft of Mr. Egbert’s cock, licking off stripes of the icing and making loud slurping noises with each movement.  Finally he would take his father fully into his mouth, tightening his lips around the shaft and bobbing his head, making sure every bit of mess was cleaned off.

With another declaration of undying love, Mr. Egbert would push John down, spreading his own personal frosting in the back of his son’s throat. John would gag, but he was a good boy and would take it, and then he would lift himself up to bring his lips close to his father’s and-

“Dad?! Are you listening?” John’s voice broke through Mr. Egbert’s fantasy and he looked up, startled.

“Hm? Oh yes of course,” he said, looking down at John’s empty plate. He’d really let his mind run away with him there.

“So you’ll sign the permission slip?” Mr. Egbert couldn’t help but focus on the spot of icing still on the corner of John’s lip.

“Yes, just bring it by my study.” He licked the pad of his thumb and reached across the table to wipe the spot of icing off John’s face.

“Dad! yuck!” John said in disgust, leaning back and wiping at his face with his wrist in a way that broke Mr. Egbert’s heart a little.

He sighed and said, “Isn’t it about time for you to watch a movie? I want you to have plenty of time afterwards for your homework.”

“Oh, yeah I’m gonna watch Ghostbusters 2 today!” John said, hopping up, “Are you gonna watch with me?”

“Sure,” Mr. Egbert replied, shifting in his seat and feeling the tightness in his pants, “I’ll be along in a minute, after I’ve done the dishes.”

“Okay!” John skipped out of the room and Mr. Egbert watched him go, sucking the frosting off of his thumb.

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